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Need help

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Topic: Need help
Posted By: milann
Subject: Need help
Date Posted: 07 February 2006 at 20:28
hello i am making a closet with a 150w HPS for a start but i am not sure how big shoud it be ... can u tell me in cm/meaters or it ft.. pls also i will get a 400w HPS after the second mounth of grouth would that give me max yeld ... ???

Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 10 February 2006 at 17:18

If you're making a closet for starting small plants, 1 or 2 square metres should be fine.

A 150w HPS is not the best choice if you're building an area to start seedlings or clones. You'll get better light from fluorescent tubes - maybe 3 or 4 120cm (36w) tubes or a single 125w CF light.

A 400w HPS is a good choice for flowering. You can illuminate 100x120cm of good growing area with these lamps.

A 600w will get you closer to maximum yields, but you may need a bigger space to accommodate the heat it creates.

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Posted By: milann
Date Posted: 10 February 2006 at 19:30

so i got me wrong :) i have a closet about 130cm long 60cm wide and 130 tall with a fluorescent x 2 and a single growlux 36w each ... the plants are going well i've got 3 swazi skunks startet growing 2-3 days ago.. and i plan to make a closet i think i plant it to be 200cm high 160x160 bottom area, is that way too big ? i have a 150HPS from no whare for free that's why i plann to use it for the 1st mounth to so ... because the 400 and the 600w HPS cost a bit here in BG and i have spend money on outher stuff such as closets seeds and so on .. btw if some one can send me tru mail some seeds i will be very happy :P so i plan to get the 600 if u say it better for the last 2 weeks before i swich to flowering how is that sound i plan to have my 1st yeld after more than 3 mounts is that a bit long ? also what sh*t to put as zob or firtelizer and am not sure what is the word :) for the vegi part of the project 10x alot for the help

PS i plan to use the 150w HPS for a middle section between yelds so i can have yelds offthen and i save electrisity with growing more with less W :) or atleast i thought so :) 10x bye bye for now

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