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Leaves pointing up

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Topic: Leaves pointing up
Posted By: hydrodon
Subject: Leaves pointing up
Date Posted: 17 May 2006 at 15:53

some of the leaves are pointing up and some have a white on the edges, im a lil worried..better now then if its already too late to change something..the light is at least 50cm above the plants and they just started flowering..they get 100ml with hesi products each day..maybe they dont get enough fresh air? maybe the fan is too powerful? or maybe i should flood them, i didnt do so yet..

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Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 17 May 2006 at 17:27
If it's a 600w light, you might want to raise it a little further, if possible. The standard distance is given as 80cm - though we usually don't notice burning until plants get within about 40cm of a 600w.

I looked back over your posts, and I think you're using a 125w CF bulb, so there's no chance that this is burning the leaves at a distance of 50cm.

Upward-pointing leaves can be a sign of overheating, but this could also be the plants 'reaching' for the light source.

Fans that are too close to plants can cause what appears to be burning, as constant air movement removes all moisture from the surface of the closest leaves and causes them to dehydrate and die.
This effect is greatly increased in rooms with low humidity (under about 30%), as the air blown over the leaves is dry, so it dehydrates them more quickly.
You don't want very high humidity for flowering plants, but 40-60% is okay for most strains and should reduce the problem of fan burn.

You could try moving your fan further from the plants, and make sure that it's not positioned so that  it's blowing the hot immediately beneath the bulb directly onto your plants. Of course, this is more of a concern for HID lamps than fluoro.

Depending on how long you have until harvest, you may want to flush now, or start to cut back the amount of fertiliser you give the plants each day.

We don't advise long periods of flushing prior to harvest - 3 to 7 days is usually fine, if plants have not been over-fertilised during cultivation. For hydro plants, a monthly flush all through the cultivation cycle is also a good idea.

If you're close to harvest, the damage visible in the leaves shouldn't have a chance to affect the final result too much anyhow.

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Posted By: hydrodon
Date Posted: 17 May 2006 at 19:49
Hi Ganja,

nice to see that you take your time and even check the older posts :)

Well, I used a 115 Maxgrow dual bulb for quite awhile but i noticed that the grow period took 11 weeks and not 4 so i was kinda disappointed and now i went back to the 400w son-t agro. 1 week ago i left them in the 72hours dark period and since friday they are in the flowering many bright little green leaves came up all the sudden..i dont have the space to point the fan further away from the plants, i guess i need a lot weaker fan, i got a huge one cos i thought with so many different speed settings the lowest speed would be okay but its still way too powerful. i may get a nice one, my worry is they dont get the fresh air they deserve. But they still look okay i just gotta take some images of what concerns me a little bit..after topping i wondered that the main stem does not grow back, the spot where i cut it has some black liquid on it and thats it, on the sides of course two nice stems came out and they grow nicely :)
So i will flush all my babies every week once from now on..i hope i can see the sex soon, some pros could already tell, probably, but its not enough yet to decide and i dont wanna throw away my trees, i could send you a link ganja but i doubt you can check your pm's since i assume u get bombed with questions. Thanks a lot as always

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Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 18 May 2006 at 11:53
It's possible to have a pretty good idea of the gender of plants before they actually show, but I would never throw away a plant I suspected of being male until I actually saw the pods.
In the very earliest stages (where you need a magnifier to check the internodes), male primordia and female primordia can look quite similar. You can't be 100% sure until you see the pair of hairs or the pod growing away from the stem.

I think you'll have a good idea of most of your plants' gender in the next 4 to 7 days.

The reaction to pruning the main stem is quite normal. The original stem will not grow back, but the two internodes below the cut will form a pair of upward growing stems to replace it.
The dot of dark liquid isn't a worry either. It's the plant's equivalent of a scab, to heal an abrasion and stop infection getting in and moisture getting out.

With the fan, is there any opossibility of placing it on the floor, blowing upwards? This should make for good air movement and less damage to foliage.

The upward-pointing leaves could be a reaction to the sudden switch from fluoro to HID, or the switch from 72 hours of darkness to 12 hours per day of bright light.

I've heard of the dark period being used to induce early flowering in outdoor plants - that is, when the outdoor photperiod is significantly longer than 12 hours - but it's not necessary for indoor ones. You can switch their light cycle from 18/6 straight to 12/12, with no need for a gradual change.

If your plants show their sex faster than the normal 10-14 days (which would mean theat they're showing about now, I guess), that might demonstrate that the 72 hours of darkness had a favourable effect.

Otherwise, I'd stick with the straight switch from 18 to 12.

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Posted By: hydrodon
Date Posted: 18 May 2006 at 19:36
the 72h's of darkness period will not be repeated , im just lil concerned about the white color on the edges of some leaves, i guess i will have to post an image soon.

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Posted By: Sticky
Date Posted: 10 June 2008 at 17:42
Hey stonner lovers.
Yeah theres nothing wrong with your plants looking like diamonds, In Hydro it means you have the  Right light levels and food.
Nothing Sexyer than a  indica what ever standing up under the right light and Oxegen level.
Out door healthy plants will do the same.

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