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Mr Nice

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Printed Date: 21 November 2019 at 12:23

Topic: Mr Nice
Posted By: mellow
Subject: Mr Nice
Date Posted: 20 October 2015 at 18:11
Mr Nice

So Mr Nice is one of sensi's premium line up so I was happy to give this a try.

lets just say i wasnt disappointed :).

The smell and taste are quite similar as a clone that was going round a few years ago called KKSC or Strawberry cough. Its very spicy citrus with a hint of lemon. There's a hint of old spice about it....

When smoked the room fills with a pungent smell, exotic and tempting, you can feel the passive smoke tingle on your nose.

The bag appeal is not as good as the WG cause the buds are dense, just not a lot like on the WG. The smell is there is spades though, the room stinks when the bag is opened up :).

Smoking it is goood! The high is more of a head high than the white gold and tbh, looking at the description was a little surprised to see it's 100% indica? The flavor does come through in the joint but there's a smoothness there that almost gives it a caramel after taste.

I don't know how strong this is..... My first joint I had a full on face melt, started to feel all warm and fuzzy, but I've not smoked that much as i wanted to save it and try the white gold first. it's also a creeper, but TBH so is the white gold.

flavour 9/10
high    9/10
buds    7/10

Would i recommend this strain YES!

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