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white haze auto seed

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Topic: white haze auto seed
Posted By: castlecity
Subject: white haze auto seed
Date Posted: 08 January 2017 at 11:35
Hello so i grow one white haze auto and got 1 seed from it. i put it to germenation now and it starts to grow actully very lovly, But at the same time questions popped up. i hope someone know answer too :).

Is it posible that the seed is an auto?
My guesses are that its a normal seed and not feminized?
If its a male do i have any use for it? (like can i do any simple nice newbie experiments?)
Is it still a white haze or can it gone any other gentic way?

for now the plan is to keep it as a mother so first clone i just gona see gender of it but no use if its a auto.

best regards

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