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whats everyone think of nirvana

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Printed Date: 20 October 2019 at 19:16

Topic: whats everyone think of nirvana
Posted By: mike
Subject: whats everyone think of nirvana
Date Posted: 09 October 2006 at 23:24
whats everyone think of nirvana and have you grown any of there seeds
i've grown plenty of there seeds 13 differant strains and i'm here to tell everyone that in my opion they just plain suck i have never gottan more than 4 females from a pack of seeds useuly 2 or 3 at the most and several times not evan one i tried there version of buble gum this last time and was greatly pissed off 10 seeds 10 males i know that sometimes thats how it goes from any seedbank that 1 in every so often it happens but this was my 4th time and this was the 4th time at least 1 of the strain i got came up all males i stopped by there right before i came here and they are crying why is sensi saying this about us we never did anything to them but i have yet to see anyone just put them down for no reason they claim they do all of there breding but if they did why can i goto anyforum on the net and ask and 95%+ say they steal other peoples stuff and so they don't get in trouble they cross it either with skunk#1 or north lights or so i have heard from countless people i have yet to find a strain of theres yet that evan gets me high it gets me a buzz but not high no matter how long i let it go don't matter if they say it takes 8 weeks i did side by side study 1 plant for each week of there ak-48 which is saposse to have a knock-out high harvesting started at week 6 up to week 12 and never did a plant get me more than a buzz let alone a knock-out high i mean sure i wanted to knock myself in the head with a hammer after wasteing 390 dollars when i could of gottan a couple of sensi's pack's but i guess you live and learn i use to be a member of there forum i was big bud i have a few pinned stuff that i posted that they liked but then there admin. got a hair in his ass or something maybe it was when i told them i ordered from sensi for part of this last order as he started by makeing it so i could not upload pics or look at them then when i still did not leave he started deleteing everything i posted on ie who evers thread it was that i would be trying to help at the time i went back a few days ago and my pm box was full of pm's by him telling me how he was going to make my life a liveing hell since more or less i did not think the same way he did i evan sent everyone of these to there main man and for my trouble i was told to quit makeing stuff up or i would be booted from the forum so i told him he could shove nirvana's forum and every pack of bunk seeds straight up his ass as i think people should have the right to choose what they want not be told well you are a member of this forum so you can't buy from that seedbank as it is our compation but so anyone who thinks about going to nirvana forum watch out for potty he's as 2 faced as the day is long

help my plant's fell over and can't stand up

Posted By: holistic
Date Posted: 10 October 2006 at 02:26
hi mike,
nice post well done, just the one thing to ask you then.
why after say oh i dont know the 3rd attempt at  growing did u still buy seeds from there was it that that was the only place you new of or was it a determind effort on your part to make absolute sure that nirvvvvvvvva seeds are in fact crap.
i do how ever understand that we spend good money on lites soil etc then spend 5 weeks only to find there male or there crap. i came to sensi first so im lucky i guess
but thanks once again for the heads up.
much love

Posted By: mike
Date Posted: 10 October 2006 at 05:32
this last time was the 2nd time first time i got only 4 packs of which 2 were worth a 2nd chance as i messed up with these 2 as it was only my 3rd try at growing indoors 1st i didn't have a loop to check the glands and while the 2nd batch was on its way so i went out to radio shack and got a pocket microscope 60 to 100 power for 9.95 before tax and a 10 power loop i've yet to get the hang with the microscope but its good enoungh if i cut a glandy leaf off i check there glands and with the 10 power loop i thought i would be able to see a bunch of glands at once which i can but not close enough to tell if they are changeing colars exspecialy with the haze and hawaiin as the glands colar change is more subtle

help my plant's fell over and can't stand up

Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 10 October 2006 at 11:26
Originally posted by mike

they are crying why is sensi saying this about us we never did anything to them

I don't think we have ever really said anything about Nirvana. When it comes down to it, they're not in the same business as Sensi Seeds. Maybe that counts as 'saying stuff'... I dunno.

The origin of the strains and genetics and breeding work is a matter of record, not something we have to argue about. There are very few real cannabis breeders who work to release stable strains. There are quite a few more seed producers who produce crops of known, predictable or random strains. Then there are are many hundreds of businesses which sell seeds. People who have just discovered the cannabis seed market may get the three mixed up, unfortunately. Most seed resellers imply or openly state that they are the breeders of the seeds they sell, which is not true in most cases.

Originally posted by mike

i use to be a member of there forum i was big bud i have a few pinned stuff that i posted that they liked but then there admin. got a hair in his ass or something maybe it was when i told them i ordered from sensi .... i went back a few days ago and my pm box was full of pm's by him telling me how he was going to make my life a liveing hell

That's a just plain weird...

Posted By: farmer mick
Date Posted: 10 October 2006 at 17:07
Mike, not trying to start an argument or anything, but are you sure Nirvana are to blame for your problems. By the law of average, if they're selling non-feminised seeds, you should be getting around 50-50 male-female at least. 
Environmental factors can affect whether a seed becomes male or female and any kind of stress is known to lead to a higher proportion of males. Is it possible that your grow set-up might be causing the males?
The other possibility is that Nirvana themselves are doing something to the seeds that somehow makes them produce mostly males. I find this hard to believe. If Nirvana seeds were uniformly rubbish, they'd be out of business pretty fast.
You sound like you know what you're doing, so I'm not saying it's definitely your fault or anything. Out of interest, when you grow seeds from other seedbanks, do you get a good proportion of females?

Posted By: mike
Date Posted: 11 October 2006 at 15:53
in the winter for some reason i get 60 to 70 % female and don't have to run the ac but in summer i get higher % of males 50 to 70 % but at the same time it is mainly with nirvana seeds the skunk#1 i got from sensi so far it's at 50% female but i only germed 2 seeds the 3 strains i got from kc brain is useuly pretty evan 50% unless i put the seeds in small pots and leave them in them till they flower but with nirvana's i seems to get 60% males no matter what i do i evan planted 1 whole pack out doors to see if it was becuase of too small of pots and 60% turned out to be males i'm not say that they are doing something to the seeds. however it may be that i may be streaching for it here but maybe myway of growing is so much differant then the way the seeds were produced that it stresses them and also from all the seed only had 1 turn hermy out of 130 seeds my strawberry cough i got from dutch passions is what pisses me off $65 dollars for 10 seed only got 3 normal plants and 1 that had to be babied for first 2 months of its life but all for that germed were female  from the regular seed ie nonfemed and got 3 good mothers with the 4th a few weeks from harvest to see if she will be a good mother

help my plant's fell over and can't stand up

Posted By: farmer mick
Date Posted: 11 October 2006 at 17:34
I've no real experience with growing seeds as I've been cloning one super-potent mother plant since I started this hobby around a year ago.
I have no choice now cos my mother got infested with spider mites and I freaked out and binned her before they had a chance to migrate to my flowering crop.
I hope I don't have your experience with the seeds, mike, but all I want is one good mother plant really.
I'll definitely be staying well clear of Nirvana...

Posted By: mike
Date Posted: 11 October 2006 at 18:45
sensi's are good i've had very little problems with the seeds i've got from them this last pack of skunk#1 i got makes the 3rd pack i've grown from them and only had 1 seed that did not germ and that was from the 3 pack so 45 seeds and only 1 did noy germ but i still had 12 seeds left and this is the same way i dit it with the other 2 packs while i grow the 3 seeds i plant at a time i put the seeds in the fridge in tupperware so the stay cool and not get moist. i've also grown there black domina and shiva shanti both very good strains they yeild good and taste good and sweet or at least mine did for some reason everything i grow has a sweet taste to it nomatter what strain unless i cure them for at least a month sometimes 2 early next year i'm going to order a few more from sensi so far i'm thinking at least 4 strains from here and a couple from 2 other banks namely sagamatha and serious

help my plant's fell over and can't stand up

Posted By: Fuzzy Donlop
Date Posted: 11 October 2006 at 21:04
nirvana seeds are just rip offs from other companies seed stock, and there not even good rip offs, there shit. so high

Posted By: farmer mick
Date Posted: 12 October 2006 at 16:30

Shit man that's a lot of different strains on the go. Good luck with them all.

My plan is to get a pack of Jack Herer and hopefully get one nice, branchy, heavy-yielding mother that I can use for cuttings. Is JH worth the price? I'm growing for myself, so I'm more interested in quality than anything else...

Posted By: holistic
Date Posted: 12 October 2006 at 19:04
hi mick so sorry to hear about your plant lil spider gits jack good g13 hash also very good. i herd that big bud can be a bitch to clone so yes given the choice probly go for the jack and hats off to mike hes got some gr8 strains on the go.

Posted By: mike
Date Posted: 12 October 2006 at 19:06
yes she's from sensi i've yet to be dissappointed with any of the strains i've grown like the old addage goes you get what you pay for and if i'm not mistaken they've been doing this the longest you can go to any forum and ask some might say they are high priced but i've yet to hear anyone say that they were not pleased with the end product ie the buds no matter what strain also back to your selection a guy on weedcity's forum said his started out smelling like cat pee but finished smelling like a dead animal very stinky an absolute must for a carbon scrubber

help my plant's fell over and can't stand up

Posted By: Provence
Date Posted: 11 July 2017 at 19:02
Hi everyone

The thread is 11 years old but scrolling on the forum, I found this garbage and thought I couldn't let it go.

Nirvana has had close ties with the now extinct Positronics (Wernard Bruining) which is a legendary seedbank, and whose owner was the first to open a coffeshop in Amsterdam.

Nirvana is an excellent seedbank, on par with Sensi Seeds and Dutch Passion. They sell feminized AND regular seeds (double the amount of work..) and their strain are absolutely perfect. I used to think that the more expensive the better (remember Pukka seeds ? 200$ for an Afghani Skunk 10 pack ?) Well this is all bullshit.
I challenge any serious grower to dare say Nirvana Seedbank ain't worth shit.
Over the years, I've tried almost 10 strains of theirs.
From B-52 to Haze #13, New Purple Power, NLxShiva, Citral, Aurora Indica, California Orange, Swiss Cheese, NYPD.....
All were exceptional. The only one that I found disappointed is the Skunk Red Hair because it didn't produce much.

So get your facts right before bitching about a Seedbank that's been producing seeds since before you were born. That's too easy to say "scammer, rip-off, ladyboy wonderland" when you can't grow weed correctly and you're careless.

At the moment, I can't grow, but very soon, I'll show you was Nirvana seed is about in a large selection, and you'll see that you should've turned your tongue 7 times before doing bad publicity to a Seedbank that never asked you to buy their seeds and don't need you as a customer anyway.

Feel free to leave your opinion mates, don't leave me alone :)

Respect to you guys,

Posted By: Provence
Date Posted: 11 July 2017 at 19:12
Also K2 (widow x hindu) that was phenomal at that time !
With a PUNGENT smell of ether/turpentine oil, that remembers White Russian quite well with an insane punch to the face type o high.

Do you guys know this strain ?
Personally this strain was too strong for me and like the B-52 better but hey to each its own, right ?


Posted By: Solidopc
Date Posted: 15 November 2018 at 19:35
You get what you pay for

Green-Thumb Growing

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