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T5 lamps and lights

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Topic: T5 lamps and lights
Posted By: schlacked987
Subject: T5 lamps and lights
Date Posted: 12 March 2005 at 16:59
I just bought a 4 foot 4 bulb t5 lamp. Each bulb is supposed to put out 5000 lumens being a highoutput flourescent. will this be enough for flowering of 3 plants? (about 20,000 lumens) thanks.

Posted By: 20'Thai
Date Posted: 15 March 2005 at 11:55

Hi schlacked,


One can flower using fluro's but they should also be aware that it's the least effective way of doing so as fluro light is the weakest form of 'workable' light for plants.  If you can, I would highly recommend you go for 125-250W hps for your flowering as it provides much more of the bandwidths that cannabis requires for good floral production.


In fact, it has been found from many years ago, that the tricloms produced on buds created under fluro light are only active of the side of the bud facing directly at the lamps.  The trics that recieve indirect fluro light have NOT psychoactive at all.  They are sugars and starches, but near zero active-cannabinoidal content.  So immediatly, before you even start, your buds per volume will be half as potent as the same buds under a HID or sun enviroment...given that half are exposed directly to the fluro light and not less.


But if you must, and have no other way, then I suggest you do the following:


1 - Grow them in outstanding soil that has alot of aeration.  OR better yet (as much as I do not like recommending this to anyone), grow them in hydro.


2 - Check your ballasts in the fluros running gear.  If they too are the energy-saving type...throw them away.  they will not do you any good as they draw less current than ordinary ballasts - hence the so-called energy savings.  They are not in reality, energy savers.  They are 'less energy consumers'.  Which results in far less usable output of the tubes.


3 - For flower, use 2 warm and 2 cool tubes.  Half blue and half red light.


4 - Place the tubes no more than 4" apart, effectively giving you a grow bed of 4' x 1.25'.


5 - Grow the plants Scrog and as soon as you have an even bed of shoots covering at least 3/4's of your grow bed - strike 12/12.  They will easily fill out the rest of the bed with their preflower stretch.  Any excess cut away gently with a new razor.


6 - Keep temps at 25degC in the day and if possible, no less than 18 at night.


7 - DO NOT FEED heavily.  Half dose at all times.


8 - in soil, careful never to overwater.  Only water when the leaves are jsut about to start wilting.  This can be gauged by the loss of weight of your pots.  Before you first water them and the soil is relatively dry...fell their weight by hand.  Then water and feel it again.  Water only when the weight approaches its dry mass.


9 - Even though your grow area may not heat up much, they still need a constant draught of fresh air over and through them till harvest.


10 - make sure you pick a strain that grows better under less light than most do -

Sensi's Afghani is excellent for fluro grows.  So is C99.


If in future you decide to do a more serious fluro grow, read this and you'll be better equipped: -


The only advantage that fluro buds have over all other light sources that buds thrive in (HID and the Sun), is that because they are grown under a gentle light, they are very very smooth smoking.  If not grown right, they will badly lack potency, but if they are grown well under fluros, they will still be plenty potent enough.  Not as potent as could be, but potent enough.


Hope that helps.

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Posted By: schlacked987
Date Posted: 15 March 2005 at 14:28



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