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Making hemp rope

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Topic: Making hemp rope
Posted By: DonQuichote
Subject: Making hemp rope
Date Posted: 21 August 2005 at 23:24
Does anybody on this forum know how to make rope or fibres out of hemp?

Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 23 August 2005 at 14:04

The fibres are extracted from the stem of hemp. This is done through natural decomposition or with (biodegradable) chemicals, to speed up the process

Hemp fibre is one of the longest and strongest plant fibres in the world.

Hemp fibre is spun into a thread, like all natural fibres. Once, this was done on a spinning wheel, as with wool and cotton. These days, it can be done on an industrial scale with factory machinery.

Growing hemp and turning it into a wide variety of industrial products produces very little waste and requires very few chemicals. Those chemicals that are required are of much lower impact than the bleaches and sulphur-based substances used in many other industrial textile processes (cotton and wood pulp, for instance, both of which have a huge environmental impact).

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Posted By: NORML4Cali
Date Posted: 29 August 2005 at 04:26 -

There is a history and process of ropemaking.

Thats an interesting site. However for your own single use not an industial project.


Also neat is here -

and here - .

The last show the finger weave tecniques used to process hemp fibers.

The rope walks were active in this country since pre reolutionary times. Minnisota and other areas still have rope walks miles long the were powered by teams of horses to pull the fibers together into 1 huge cord. Many pictures still exist of the massive operations up into the late 1800's into the early 1900's.


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