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And again red yellow

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Topic: And again red yellow
Posted By: DriveBy
Subject: And again red yellow
Date Posted: 11 February 2011 at 00:26
Yello everyone. Let me introduce a test plant number 5th or 6th. Little blur image sorry. One I know crossed JH wit NL and also maybe E. Girl but not sure and cant say for sure how long ago he\she made these seeds. Okay, this is fifth or sixth time I grow this and every time I put this under 250W HPS always the same as you can see red stems and yellow leaves which start to go slowly yellowish after about a week under HPS and finally leaves dry and die. Ive vegged this strain before under CFLs and sunlight and had no problem what so ever until I start to flower using HPS. This one is from seed and been strugglin under HPS now about a month. Its in new soil I use pretty much for all plants
(N) 100 mg/l (P) 60 mg/l (K) 400 mg/l. Using only plain water wit this one.I cant believe the problem is in the soil. Like I said seems that HPS lamp triggers this, if Id put it on windowsill it'll be fine after a little while. Temp and such are pretty much ok temp little high 27-28C. Adding little nutrients doesnt work, tried before. One man\woman have SOG using these same seeds and they look fine, little stretched and smaller buds cause he\she got 250HPS bolted on wall high and distance from plant tops is about 1,3 meters (yea I know its too far away]. I have with this plant here 50cm. Only thing that comes my mind after all the different techniques ive used (but never raised lamp more than 70-80cm) is that maybe the seeds have gone bad, are bad, somehow cant take the intense light and starts to die when moved or grown under 250W. I really dont have a clue how old these seeds are so can old or bad seeds behave and look like this?? Any good ideas are welcome and propably tested in near future. Yep thanks.

Posted By: Auto-Question-Bot
Date Posted: 11 February 2011 at 00:38
imo its hot to cold temps the change is shocking the plants
you could balance the temp  drops by using an oil heater so on at lights off on timer

Posted By: DriveBy
Date Posted: 11 February 2011 at 00:43
As to compare a little... These BJs are little younger sitting next to one above and also given only plain water and theyre fine. These BJs like most of seeds I plant is from holland.

Posted By: DriveBy
Date Posted: 11 February 2011 at 00:50
Temps aint the problem, lights on now 26c and off 19-20c winter time. And I havent moved it never elsewhere, its been on the same spot on the floor all that month except when I took the pic but thanks for reply

Posted By: Auto-Question-Bot
Date Posted: 11 February 2011 at 01:05
cus ive got same problem my temps 24 ish lights on down to 10 degrees sometimes lower
are the affecxted plants next to the door where the cold could blow on them?

Posted By: DriveBy
Date Posted: 11 February 2011 at 01:10
Nope, plants are in closet and temp in apartement is between 22-23c. And light cycle I use for veg like now is 18/6

Posted By: Auto-Question-Bot
Date Posted: 11 February 2011 at 01:17
no idea then pal wait for the boss to reply

Posted By: Auto-Question-Bot
Date Posted: 11 February 2011 at 01:18
poss nutrient misbalance

Posted By: DriveBy
Date Posted: 11 February 2011 at 01:26
I thought same when first time growed it and maybe ph too, P didnt help and ph I checked with this one 6,2.

Posted By: Auto-Question-Bot
Date Posted: 11 February 2011 at 01:32
im a new grower so im no pro lol
reduce or up the feed to see if any change
or lower or up the ph
just av a go see what happens

Posted By: sarah louise
Date Posted: 11 February 2011 at 08:09
Without clear images under natural lighting, it's pretty hard to say anything useful... apart from reddening on the stems like that is usually a stress sign.

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Posted By: martiniGR
Date Posted: 11 February 2011 at 09:57
the plant looks like the plant of my sister last year, it might be the Ph of the tapwater wich is mostly Ph8 instead of 6.If the ph is to high the Nitrogen gets locked in the soil.( buds can be ok Phosphor needs a little high PH(7))
its a guess, i have seen this many times but what was the problem?Dont remember..
could be fusarium, to high temp in combination with to less food.( to less food in the plant, not in the soil).

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