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changing lights?

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Topic: changing lights?
Posted By: someguy
Subject: changing lights?
Date Posted: 19 October 2005 at 18:08
i recently upgraded from fluorescents to a metal hylide. now a week or so later all but one of my plants is dead. at first i thought it was an mg deficancy but now i have no idea. i was wondering if starting plants on fluorescents and than switching about 3-4 weeks in would kill the plants or shock them. any advice is appreciated ill see if i can't find a camera get some pics

Posted By: Ganja
Date Posted: 26 October 2005 at 17:57

The shock of being put under much brighter lights could be stressful for plants, but I wouldn't expect it to kill them all.

Are you making sure to keep a distance of at least two feet between the plants and the bulb? HID lights generate much more heat than fluorescents, and can literally cook them if they get too close.

Also, are you keeping track of the temperature in your room? It will now be much hotter in your room than when fluoros supplied the light. A digital thermometer (that can record min/max temperature) will give you valuable insight into the temperature range in your room. Large differences in day and night temperatures can also be very stressful to plants.  

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Posted By: someguy
Date Posted: 27 October 2005 at 00:09
thanks its pretty warm in there so ill try and see if cooling it down helps

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